Sometimes technology makes it harder to communicate.

This was my submission to the Blind AV Club Homework #2, which was to "create something scary." I don't watch horror films so i didn't go after the traditional distract and scare route. I decided to make a film on something that actually scares me: "smart" phones and deteriorating state of social interaction. Yes, I'm a slave to me iPhone as well, though I'm scared that soon it will completely consume me

It was premiered last night at our screener "Fright," which had an amazing turn out! Everyone stepped up their game since our last batch of films. My personal favorite with John Robson's "Infinite Loop," which melted my brain. Bjorky's "A Gross Reaction" had a fresh unique rendering style using C4D. I'm very energized by all the passion that shown from all the film makers last night. I can't wait til the next one!

Creative Director